Friday, May 12, 2017

What's on our Roadmap for 2017?

Yes, we know it's May already; we've been busy!

We’re so excited about the technology and solutions we are building for you in 2017 that we decided to devote an entire blog post to share some of the highlights of what you can expect.

It’s a fantastic list – an ambitious undertaking! But, since we’ve now grown our development team to 43 persons – including some of the best technologists anywhere – we are confident in our ability to create and deliver the below “magic”!

Here’s an outline of the six areas where you can expect exciting improvements:

1. Turbocharged Communications
...because property managers don’t have time for all that remembering, composing, correcting, and sending.
You communicate a lot. It takes a lot of time, and we know that. So, we are working on developing swift and easy ways for you to communicate with residents and employees, via:
  • Segmented Recipient Groups – Need to send communications only to residents with pets or residents with expired insurance policies? Or, what about communications only to front desk staff? Soon you’ll be able to narrow down your e-mail recipients to these, and to as many other niche groups that you can think of!  In progress
  • E-mail Content on Repeat – Save time and ensure consistent high quality with standardized e-mail text and formatting to use over and over again - like signatures, sentences, paragraphs, etc. - and create templates for communications (i.e. birthday greetings, emergency notices, and many other communications).  Summer
  • Scheduling and Automation – New rules-bound automated processes will empower us to perform certain actions based on YOUR specific criteria – set by YOU. You set the trigger, you set the action, we do the rest! – like automatically sending a welcome e-mail to new residents, or a reminder email for insurance renewals that are 60 days from expiring. Autumn
“Automation” is a big word for us at BuildingLink. You will be hearing a lot more about it – but not in this issue.

2. “Know and Go” Management Tools
...because busy property managers need the insights to make the right decisions, and to take action from anywhere, at any time.
Empowering property managers with smarter views of their operations and more accessible management tools has got to be a good thing, right? We’re working on delivering to management more:
  • Intuitive Dashboards & Analytics – Better understand what is working well, and what needs attention – including extensive benchmarking against buildings similar to yours, courtesy of BuildingLink’s expanded Manager Dashboard! Initial data addresses diverse performance metrics for core operations, resident engagement, communications quality, etc. In progress
  • Even More Manage-by-App Power – Our GEO mobile app will keep getting stronger….and stronger. Portable power for approving postings & amenity reservations, updating shift logs, filing incident reports, and sending emergency broadcasts…it’s all coming in 2017! In progress

3. Doubling Down on Resident Engagement
...because creating positive interactions and touch points between residents, staff, and community is a very good thing – for everyone!
Lots on our agenda here:
  • In-App Messaging – Enhancing two-way Resident – Front Desk/Office/Management communication. Summer
  • Class Sign-ups & Space / Room Reservations – Adding the ability for residents to register / sign up for classes. Autumn
  • Mobile App: Resident Lifestyle & Convenience Services – Integrating neighborhood vendors and building services (i.e. housekeeping or pet sitting) curated by building management, and conveniently accessible!   In progress and ongoing
  • Intelligent Living – Giving your residents a taste of the future with sensor-enabled activity dashboards like Aware-FC for fitness centers, and optional voice interfaces (Amazon Echo) for building activities. In progress

4. Efficient Vendor Management (Yeah, it really can be!)
...because so little has changed in the last decade as far as efficient tools for managing vendors…maybe, it’s time already for a bit of BuildingLink help.
  • Simplified Vendor Insurance Tracking – Our vendor insurance tracking feature will simplify the process of requesting, storing, and reviewing Certificate of Insurance (COI) to minimize compliance risks for busy property managers.  Autumn/Winter
  • Easy Online Purchase Orders – Bring consistency and transparency to your building’s purchasing activities, and identify purchasing patterns and opportunities to save money.  Summer/Autumn

5. “Near-Magic” Solutions for your Busiest Activities
… because we finally figured out how to make them happen! – Yea! You’ll never want to go back to the old way!
These solutions are being built – your staff will love them:
  • Painless Package Management – Empower your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up via our OCR solution, and keep your residents engaged with notifications. Save time! Save space (with short pick-up times)! Ensure accuracy! In progress
  • Rapid Recurring Visitor Check-ins – Efficiently identify and monitor all authorized recurring visitors and contractors on premises to reduce administrative time – and free up front desk resources – to focus on greeting and tending to residents and visitors. Autumn/Winter

6. Informed Living via “Smart Building Sensors”
…because, as a property manager, what you don’t know can hurt you, and does all the time!
Our newest technology initiative, “Aware!™ by BuildingLink” will empower property managers to make intelligent decisions by incorporating a growing selection of activity and environmental sensors, in areas (or on equipment) they want to monitor, and setting up real-time alerts.  In progress

Our first solution, Aware-FC™, is a set of sensors for your “Fitness Center” equipment. See exercise equipment usage patterns, replace underused equipment with more popular choices, or monitor air comfort levels. Residents, too, can check their BuildingLink App to see whether their favorite machine is available!

Aware-FC is our first “sensor solution” – and it's currently in use across 14 client fitness centers! Other sensor solution kits we will be working on in 2017 include environmental monitoring, leak detection, and elevator operations.


Six great areas of innovation –  which ones are most important to you?  Feel free to give us your comments and questions, or to suggest if there is something important that you think we’ve missed – because 2018’s roadmap planning will be here before you know it! E-mail us at

Monday, May 1, 2017

BuildingLink Hires Alexandria Pollock to Lead West Coast Expansion

BuildingLink, an online software innovator in residential property management solutions, announced its expansion to the West Coast with the hiring of Alexandria "Lexie" Pollock as West Coast Regional Sales Manager. Alexandria comes to the company with nearly a decade of property management experience, specializing primarily in the management of luxury high-rise condominiums. As the former General Manager for Marina City Club in Marina del Rey, Alexandria brings significant expertise in managing the daily operations of diverse and complex residential properties, including seniors who are "aging in place" in their condominiums. "We are really excited to have someone of Lexie's talents, experience, energy, and very high standards on our team, especially at the current time of tremendous innovation at BuildingLink," reports Jerry Kestenbaum, the Founder and CEO of BuildingLink.
Alexandria's career in property management began with Seabreeze Management Company, Inc. in 2007, where she was the General Manager for various properties throughout Los Angeles. "I was fortunate to be a client of BuildingLink's for many years, and to see firsthand how this platform transformed the operation of communities. I am excited to be a part of a company that focuses its energy on the next decade of multi-family living, and on how to improve and enhance the daily lives of residents in their homes," says Pollock.
"We've got big plans for Lexie!" says Kestenbaum. "Beyond her geographic responsibilities, she has a real enthusiasm and aptitude for promoting a range of our high-value initiatives that are international in scope, such as our 'Aware by BuildingLink®' advanced sensor-solutions initiatives, and our technology-enabled lifecycle offerings for senior independent living and other demographics."
BuildingLink is the gold standard for property managers looking to enhance the total experience of people living in, working at, or managing luxury residential properties. Its innovative web-based platform is currently used in over 3,800 properties worldwide, offering the ultimate in efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced living experiences for residents. BuildingLink is also a recognized industry leader in adapting and integrating state of the art technology – including, OCR, mobile apps, biometric scanners, voice recognition, and front desk key lockbox systems – to upscale residential communities in 34 states and globally, across 14 countries.
If you would like more information about the BuildingLink platform, please contact Alexandria Pollock at 877.501.7117 ext. 608, or via email at